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Awaited Your Arrival  / Lyndsey (Mummy)

awaited your arrival and into the world you came 

In a devastating moment my life would never be the same

You were weak and wouldn't make it but so very hard you tried

My hearts just broke in pieces when they told that you died

I carried you inside me feeling every twist and jump

I rubbed my hands daily across my ever growing bump

I talked to you and told you how I wanted you so much

But never will I feel your skin your face can’t feel my touch

A thousand times I’ve asked myself why they took you far away

Everyone avoiding me not knowing what to say

The questions that I ask myself as I lay awake at night

Did I do all I could was my clothing far too tight

The silly things I ask myself the blame I feel is mine

People say you’ll try again just give your body time

No-one knows the loss I feel they say ill be ok

The pain inside I’m feeling doesn’t want to go away

I packed away the lovely things, which you were meant to wear

I cried out loud that if god was real he didn’t really care

He took my child away from me without a second glance

He stacked the dice against me; my baby never had a chance

Sweet Heavenly Child  / Lyndsey (Mummy)

Sweet Heavenly Child

Tiny baby, in my heart,
I ache to hold you near...
before I even knew you,
I felt your presence here.

Inside my womb I kept you,
ever peaceful from the storm...
I knew that you were always safe
and I knew that you were warm.

I never thought I'd lose you
before I saw your face...
but I know that you are happy
and living in a better place.

God must have spared my baby
from some unknown tragedy...
I know He'd never be unkind
or bring hurt and pain to me.

The days ahead will try me
as I come to terms with grief...
but through it all, there's comfort,
and God is my relief.

He'll hold me in His arms awhile
and shelter me with care...
time will take away the pain,
but the love will still be there.

Heaven / Lynz (Mummy)

I know my baby is in heaven,
Dressed in robes of white,
Where Jesus gently rocks her crib,
And angels sing all night.

Tenderly he holds her,
And gently strokes her hair,
With loving eyes she looks at him,
Glad that she is there.

My friend you may not know this,
Your heart is full of fears,
Where has your little baby gone?
As you shed your angry tears. 

Jesus found your baby perfect,
In each and every way,
He called out to your little treasure,
To safely store away. 

Your treasures are not here on earth,
They are in heaven above,
With a righteous crown of glory,
Surrounded by our Father's love.

I know your baby is in heaven,
dressed in robes of white,
Where Jesus gently rocks their crib,
And angels sing all night.

Tenderly he holds them,
Gently strokes their hair,
With loving eyes they look at him,
Glad that they are there.
Balloon / Lynz (Mummy)

There was a little girl who had a beautiful red balloon.
Everywhere she went, all the children that came into her presence admired her balloon, this made her feel very special.
As she was walking a strong wind began to blow and her balloon began and her balloon was swept from her hand.
She began to cry as she watched her balloon fly high into the sky.
Her mother reached down and gently gave her a hug and said, "look, see all the Angels playing with your balloon you've made them very happy"
Then she said " all good things that come from heaven must go back". The little girl spent the the rest of her life sending balloons to heaven and watching the Angels play in the sky. 
Thinking of you sweet baby  / Lisa Church (Holly's Mom )
For you sweet angel  / Lisa Church (Holly's Mom )

A rainbow for you.  / Rachel's Mom

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